Hochuli’s Fumbled Call

On September 16, 2008 by

So if you are an American Football fan then you’ll of seen or heard about Ed Hochuli’s blown call in the Chargers/Broncos game already.

Opinion is heavily split on what happened, we all know he got it wrong and the head referee – who is remember one of the very best in the NFL – even admitted that he got it wrong on the field.

However the referee made the only call he could after he had blown his whistle and shouldn’t be as vilified as he seems to be. He is human and made a mistake but if he makes another similar error in his career then I’d be gobsmacked.

I think people should stop piling into the referee but heck what do I know?

Source : Washington Post

Report: Brady tore both ACL MCL Gutierrez rejoins Pats

On September 11, 2008 by

So the favourites for the Superbowl have lost their star player for the season. Tom Brady has tore both the ACL and MCL in his left knee and will have surgery in a month’s time and will face up to nine months recovering and rehabilitating.

I think that the Patriots are done just as much as Brady is. Fully expect the Chargers, Steelers, Colts, Broncos or Jaguars to come out of the AFC now.

Source : ESPN

Young’s absence prompts police search

On September 10, 2008 by

Vince Young was just a great college player but his professional career certainly hasn’t gone exactly to plan. However this latest twist is kind of scary, what did his family think he was going to do?

Source : ESPN

Brady may be out for year with ACL tear

On September 8, 2008 by

If the news is true and Tom Brady is done for the year then suddenly the Patriots are very much beatable in the AFC East. Brett Favre and the Jets looked good on Sunday so maybe they can cause the big upset?

I hope that Brady isn’t done because that would be creul and it’d also crush my fantasy team!

Source : Fox Sports

Giants’ defense has little problem shutting down new-look Re

On September 5, 2008 by

The NFL is back and the New York Football Giants have started with a win against their NFC East rival Washington Redskins.

Eli didn’t look great but heck it’s a W for the defending Champions!

Source : ESPN