Saints Prevail at Wembley Stadium

On October 31, 2008 by

The New Orleans Saints secured a convincing victory over the San Diego Chargers on Sunday in the second National Football League (NFL) game to be played at Wembley Stadium.

Thankfully, the match was not played in the driving rain which affected last season’s international series game but the glitz and glamour that has charmed American audiences for decades was transferred brilliantly from the vast stadiums of the US to England’s most historic venue.

After last year’s inaugural game at Wembley, Sky Sports saw a massive 45% increase in British viewers watching NFL games. A quick glance through the search engines reveals that the sport is thriving in the UK and participation in both adult and junior leagues is growing by an average of 12% a year. There are three professional adult leagues, an annual

London to get its own NFL team?

On October 30, 2008 by

Over 83,000 fans of the NFL watched the fixture between New Orleans and San Diego at Wembley over the weekend, and many more observed the action on television.

It is clear that the NFL is growing in popularity in the UK and, since the match on Sunday, there has been more exciting news for the ever-increasing British fan base. Roger Goodell, the league’s chief, has revealed his belief that London could host a full-time NFL team in the near future.

Goodell believes that this is a

Paterno in ’09 isn’t a question he’s earned a new deal

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So he might be 82 years of age, he may of injured his right hip attempting to show his team how to perform an onside kick, he may not be able stand on the sidelines and he doesn’t have the support of the universities athletic director but he is one thing – and that is – he is Joe Paterno.

His Penn State team are 7-0 and are looking like the most complete team in the country. He allowed his offense to open up the play book on the road in the Big Ten and that saw his team beat down Wisconsin. Michigan come to Happy Valley next week in a trap game before the big Ohio State road trip on the 25th.

If Penn State are 9-0 come October 26th then they are looking set for a run at the National Title game. If so then surely Paterno is back for another year and they won’t force him out.

However you just never know…

Source : ESPN

Longhorns make historic leap to peak of AP’s Top 25

On October 13, 2008 by

I love College Football. I don’t know why but over the past couple of years it has really gone up in my ‘must see’ tv stakes. For the second weekend in a month we saw three top five ranked teams go down as the polls saw another big shakeup.

#5 Texas went up to #1 following its defeat of then #1 Oklahoma. Alabama stayed at #2 after not playing over the weekend. My #6 Penn State Nittany Lions went up to #3 following its mauling of Wisconsin in Madison. Here is where the AP and USA Polls diverge.

USC make it all the way up to #4 in the USA Today poll but only makes #6 in the AP. Oklahoma fall to #4 in the AP and #6 in the USA Today. Rounding out the top five we have either Florida or Texas Tech depending on which poll you take.

Whatever happens we have three big undefeated teams left and whoever stays unbeaten should play for the National Title.

Source : ESPN