BCS match-ups announced - no shocks here

on December 8, 2008 by Administrator

The BCS has had its fair share of controversy but when the selections came out on Sunday there wasn’t a surprise to be had. So what are your BCS games for the 2008/2009 Season?

We’ll start off at the Orange Bowl where the Big East Champion Cincinnati will take on the winner out of the ACC Virginia Tech. This is not a surprise as the Orange Bowl had the final pick below the Sugar and Fiesta Bowls and they took at-large teams over the Big East entrant.

Next we’ll go down to the Sugar Bowl where the unbeaten Utah will face the team who were #1 in the country going into the weekend, Alabama. Utah are undefeated and are the BCS buster for this year whereas Alabama have had a great season but the Sugar Bowl will feel like a let down after being so close to playing for all the marbles.

The Fiesta Bowl next and we start the big heavyweight match-ups. Two at-large picks here as Ohio State beats off Boise State for the right to take on Texas in Arizona. Texas in my opinion should be playing for the title but due to some convoluted logic Oklahoma got the nod.

The granddaddy of them all is the Rose Bowl where the Pac-10 Champ USC will play yet again and take on my Nittany Lions of Penn State coming out of the Big Ten. Both teams were very close to going undefeated and playing for the title but close losses at Oregon State and at Iowa put pay to those ambitions. This game will be a lot closer than the experts think.

And on to the BCS National Championship game where we find the SEC Champ Florida and the top dogs in the Big 12 Oklahoma. The Gators are widely regarded as the best team in the nation having just bumped off #1 Alabama and Oklahoma have won out in that quite sensational Big 12 South.

This really would’ve been a great year for the play-off. The Big East and ACC should be struck off from the automatic bids as neither conference is that strong. That would’ve left us with the Champions from the Big 12 (Oklahoma), SEC (Florida), Big Ten (Penn State) and Pac-10 (USC). That leaves us with four at-large spots which would go to Texas and Alabama as no brainers and then you got Utah, Boise State, Texas Tech and Ohio State (in my order of personal preference).

Those Fiesta, Rose and BCS games do look rather tasty though I must say…

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